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Wayne Dyer once said “Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change”.

What do you really believe? That’s what you will really receive. You’re not going to find one mentally stable, highly successful person tell you that they believed they couldn’t achieve their dreams. They MIGHT tell you they couldn’t have imagined they would get this far, but that’s usually humility speaking because if you asked about their story, you would see in their actions that they 100% believed they could do it.

For example, what you will see in their story is, they tried 1,000 times and failed 999 times and then finally, they made it. Who would keep trying after they’ve failed so many times? High-level achievers who believe they have a purpose, a gift, a talent to share with the world. Who would stop believing after they’ve failed 1 or more times?

I believe that every person alive has unique and amazing gifts and talents but a lot of us don’t use it to our fullest potential because we spend so much time doubting, fearing, worrying, wishing, complaining, etc.

What we need to be doing is trying, exploring, believing, failing, trying more, learning, trying more, failing more, learning more, etc. because we will eventually find that sweet spot, what we were ultimately created to do, and we would flourish in it if we would only learn to change how we look at things.


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