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Embrace Your Uniqueness: Thriving Beyond the Norms

After watching a show called "60 Days In," where people volunteer to be put in jail for 60 days so they can tell the sheriff what happens behind closed doors, I noticed that when inmates see the volunteers are well-kept, educated, and helpful, they get suspicious that the volunteer is a cop or a plant. Once this happens, things become dangerous for the volunteer.

Similar to jail, we experience this in real life. Once a person doesn't fit into their surroundings, people isolate them, talk about them, or confront them, hoping to change that person. If they don't want to change, it could become dangerous because people feel uncomfortable around someone different from them, especially if their distinctions could be the difference between success and failure.

I encourage you to know that if you do not fit in, that is a good thing. Don't be ashamed of your differences. Rather than focusing on that, focus on loving others and continuing to develop and love yourself. Don't let anyone tear you down to make themselves comfortable. Do not shrink who you are for someone else to feel significant. Don't change who you are to please someone you do not respect and love and who does not respect and love you back. Continue to be great!


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