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About Me

My name is William H. Lloyd II

I believe in God, and Christ is my Lord and Savior. I've been happily married for 22 years, a father of three, and a 22-year Air Force active duty service member. My faith and my family are the most essential parts of my life.

I enjoy showing respect and kindness to people of all races, religions, and all types. I'm sometimes wrong, and I love it when people are honest and tell me where I can make adjustments to become a better person.

I love coaching because I passionately believe that our thoughts are like seeds. What we think about eventually becomes our reality when we think it enough to believe it. The problem sometimes is that we keep thinking about negative things or fear, and it brings some chaos into our lives, or if nothing else, it prevents us from moving forward in things we were created to do.

We are extraordinary as God's creation. We have SO MUCH potential; it's ridiculous. There's a saying that the wealthiest place on earth is the grave because so many people have brilliant ideas, but they fear taking the step and trying what they love, so they die with it.

Well, I'll keep it short, and when we talk, we can get to know each other much better!

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