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You will conform to who and what you frequently listen to

Erosion can be caused by many factors, wind and water would be two examples.

The more they wear over the same surface repeatedly, the more the surface gives way and it creates a groove.

Be careful about what, and who you listen to!

The words will be like wind and water creating a grove in your thinking.

By the time you realize it, you will think ONE WAY and it will be hard to break from it. I often find this in people who can't stop self-doubting, or coming up with reasons why things WON'T work. It's very common.

The sooner you realize it's time to be RENEWED BY THE TRANSFORMING OF YOUR MIND (Rom 12:2), the sooner your life will change. Don't be afraid. Let a coach, a mentor, or a friend help you challenge your thinking so can break out, into life.


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