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It's not "impossible". Believe Harder

Where is your life headed?

Look ahead 3 years into your future. What do you see?

Have you ever taken a month-long trip without preparing or determining a destination? Did you just hop in the car, or on a plane, completely empty-handed with no idea where you would end up? Is that how your future looks?

You probably won’t have the best outcome if you were to take a journey like this…maybe a short trip would be fun to take, but not one that’s going to be months long. Life isn’t a a month-long trip either, so what high-level performers figured out is that you need goals and preparation in order to make the best use of your time as you’re working towards your destination. What is your dream for the future?

A dream doesn’t have to stay a “dream”. If you had a vision for your life, or even for the next year, two years, or three, you would be more focused in what you’re doing day to day. Don’t worry about whether or not it’s “possible”…dream big and start your journey. You can get there. It’s not impossible. Most people who feel fulfilled in their current situation would probably tell you if they looked back 3-5 years, they would’ve thought it would be “impossible” to be where they are. I recommend you get that word out of your mind ASAP.

I will tell you that if you don’t dream, if you don’t plan, if you don’t have a vision or a goal for yourself, you won’t be working in a focused way to get to anything. You will be wandering, trying to figure out what to do, and you will end up wherever you end up. That is NOT your best. You have gifts and skills that will make room for you to get to where you need to go!

Find an interest and push the gas pedal. Dive into it and enjoy the journey…Read about it. Watch videos about it. Talk about it. Take classes on it. You will either find great satisfaction in it, or it will lead you to your next interest and eventually you will find what you’re looking for in terms of dreams and aspirations. Every once in a while, look into your own future and picture what it would look like if it were “perfect”. Dream a little.

Do not tell yourself “I can’t” or “it will never be that good”. Instead, tell yourself it CAN BE, and understand that every excuse and negative thing your mind tries to tell you, is only in your own mind…you don’t have to believe your negativity…it might be hard to believe otherwise, but BELIEVE HARDER. Now start dreaming.


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