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Dear Stressed and Tired Leader,

Hello Ma'am, Sir,

Are you at the top or your organization but you’re not treating your people right? Why not? What fears do you have?

A lot of leaders get caught up in the work, and the mission, but lose sight of the people. Sometimes it’s not intentional. Maybe you were elevated to a level that brought an unexpected amount of challenges and decisions, draining you mentally, and at the same time, you wanted to succeed and continue to elevate in your career.

Unfortunately, this is costing you in a major way. Possibly your people, and even your family are suffering because you’re not focusing on what matters anymore. Keeping your values and priorities in line is important, and perhaps you slipped somewhere with that.

You’re alright…people are very understanding believe it or not. Come back to your values, talk to these important people in your business and in your personal life. You’re “the boss”, but humble yourself and you will gain much more of what matters. Come back mentally and spiritually, and let work fall in its place. When your values and priorities are in line, you will be happy with yourself again, your energy will be positive again, and you will attract success rather than chase it.


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