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I can tell you’re not an emotionless person, so even if you’re perceived as if you were, think about this:

People think you don’t have emotions. In this emotion-driven world people wonder why you don’t react like most.

When something gets under your skin, it’s hard to tell.

You’re not lashing out, cussing people out, or even saying irrational things. That’s unusual!

Brother, sister, that’s a GOOD THING. You’re not emotionless, you just have good balance and stability. We need you in every group, every gathering, every class, speaking up and sharing your views.

Remember, as you continue to be YOU and become BETTER each day, knowing that you don’t react off emotion, you still need to have emotional intelligence. Not everybody is like you, and they don’t “have to” be. Just be yourself and show empathy, and help others where you can.

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