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Elite Leadership-Development Package (1 Month)

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About this service

Leadership skills are developed; not only through classes, but through experience and mentorship.

Soldiers, pilots, police, doctors, and teachers get both, classroom training, and coaching in the form of facilitated instruction. These are a few of the most highly critical fields who MUST be trained with excellence as the standard. Anybody who is going to lead anybody (including yourself), will experience life at a much higher level if you know how to lead. Investing in the Elite Leadership-Development Package will put you in the drivers' seat of getting your skill to a much higher level within 1 month.

1.5 HOURS: Live, custom teaching - a course designed to meet your needs

After choosing your desired topics, you will receive custom-designed lessons for your situation, including the key leadership principles for each topic

1 MONTH: Weekly 45 min coaching sessions/unlimited anytime assistance

Every week we will meet on zoom for 45 minutes, clarifying your goals and discussing your thoughts, and further developing your ability to lead in any situation. I will also be available to you at any time for communication between zoom meetings.

30 MINS: Reflective discussion following live teaching

Upon completion of the 1.5 hour lesson, we will remain online for a 30-min discussion, reflecting on what was just learned. This is a proven technique used to drive home learning for true change.

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